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What does Telenav do?

Telenav is a leading provider of connected car and location-based platform services, focused on transforming life on the go for people — before, during, and after every drive. Leveraging our location platform, global brands such as Ford, GM, Toyota and AT&T deliver custom connected car and mobile experiences. Additionally, advertisers such as Denny's, Walmart, and Best Buy reach millions of users with our highly-targeted advertising platform. To learn more about how Telenav's location platform powers personalized navigation, mapping, big data intelligence, social driving, and location-based ads, visit

When was Telenav incorporated?

Telenav was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1999.

When was Telenav's IPO? What was the price?

Telenav's shares began trading publicly on May 13, 2010. The initial offering price was $8.00 per share.

What stock exchange does Telenav trade on and what is its ticker symbol?

Telenav's common stock is listed on The NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol TNAV.

Where are Telenav headquarters located?

Telenav headquarters are located at 4655 Great America Parkway, Suite 300, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

Does the company have a direct purchase plan for its common stock?

Telenav does not currently offer a direct stock purchase plan. Our stock can be purchased or sold through a financial institution such as a brokerage firm.

Who should I contact regarding my stock certificate (Transfer Agent)?

The transfer agent and registrar for Telenav is Computershare Trust Co., N.A.
You can reach them at (800) 662-7232.

When does Telenav's fiscal year end?

Telenav's fiscal year ends June 30.

Does Telenav pay dividends?

Telenav does not intend to declare or pay cash dividends on its capital stock in the foreseeable future.

Who are Telenav's independent accountants?

Telenav’s independent accountants are Grant Thornton LLP.

How can I request financial materials?

You can visit the SEC Filings section of the IR Website, or download releases and tables from the press releases section.